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    Our company works with certified tree care professionals who know how to remove, cut, trim and maintain them. When you want services that are effective, safe and quick, we are the company you can trust. We promise you quality care every time. Our professionals will come on time and provide the assistance you need. We provide services for commercial and residential properties.  Learn more about us here.


    Fort Myers Stump Removal Experts

    When trees become an obstruction, or a nuisance, they need to be removed. Our team is expert at removing them from the tightest of spots. They can be damaging to the property in a number of ways. If the tree is growing towards your house, window, roof, or any other part of your house, it could potentially damage it. If the roots are invasive they could damage the sewage line, water line, concrete driveways, and other concrete structures. To prevent such damages, removing them sometimes remains the only way. Our team will secure the surrounding and remove the tree with utmost safety. Lopez Tree Service Inc. provides professionalism and precision that is necessary to avoid damages by using the cranes when it comes to lowering or while rigging. It creates minimal impact to precious surroundings on the jobsite of the customer. We are a Top Rated Tree Removal Company in Southwest Florida.  The employers of Lopez Tree Service Inc. will go the extra mile to make sure safe/clean work zone while doing tree removal for all customers. We are the best resource when it comes to the removal of any large and hazardous trees. We use our bucket trucks whenever needed to make the process of removal safer. However, we also have highly skilled climbers that can get the job done – avoiding damages – and completing the task with utmost care.

    We provide hazardous tree evaluations. If you want to remove a tree simply because it is hazardous and for safety issues, our professional removal service will evaluate the situation before they start working on it. We have extensive training in this industry.

    Our arboriculture experts will listen to your concerns and needs when they take a look at your property and evaluate how the removal process should be conducted.

    The first approach for tree removal is taking into account how hazardous or dangerous they are and if removal is actually necessary due to the tree being damaged or dead or other reasons. Lopez Tree Service Inc. will get the job done in the safest, damage free fashion acquired from years of experience and adequate training.

    All of our employees at our company are adept at using the personal protective equipment that comes with uniforms, signs & cones which helps to make the work zone safer.


    Before the work starts, we will get the required permits that are deemed necessary. Additionally, we will instruct the homeowner when, where, and how, and if they are the ones required to get those permits. The goal of our firm is to make your tree removal experience a smooth and stress-free one.



    The cost of service depends on the tree and the accurate estimation of the tree removal service can only be determined once the arborist sees them in person. However, there are some factors that determine cost:

    • Location
    • Size of the tree
    • Client specifications
    • Equipment needs
    • Safety and risk concerns
    • Time and crew required

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    The certified tree doctors or arborists are committed to your service and care for the health and safety of the trees as well. They are ISA certified and have the education and qualification as well as experience to remove the trees expertly. They will apply their advanced skills to every client interaction.

    We happen to be an accredited tree care company. We have TCIA accreditation that has cemented our position as a trusted tree removal service. We promise you, your safety and our expertise and professionalism. We care about our customers and also look forward to improving the environment. Our expert consultants promises to accomplish exactly that.

    If you happen to look for the best, experienced and professional tree removal service then you can make us your first choice. Contact us to get an estimate from a certified arborist!



    Tree Trimming Professionals

    To keep the tree in shape it is important to trim the tree. We at Ft. Myers have tree trimming experts who will get on them with the help of ladder and trim even the tallest trees, and top most branches. You encourage healthy growth with proper trimming, you save people and the property from dead branches that may fall down and prevent illness by removing diseased parts of the tree.

    We have model equipment to trim trees and bring them in a uniform shape for greater curb appeal.

    Trimming is critical to sustaining your tree’s health. It stimulates the growth of the tree and retains its natural appearance. It might sound easy, but doing it yourself can often lead to an incorrect style of trimming. This can cause serious damage to your beloved green asset.

    TOP RATED TREE TREE TRIMMING Company in Southwest Florida.

    Trimming Trees also requires a certain level of experience and knowledge. At Lopez Tree Service Inc our certified arborists with years of experience in proper tree trimming techniques will make sure to maintain them and keep them healthy. We will also make sure that they remain structurally safe so that there are no unnecessary problems in the future.


    • You need your tree trimmed due to quite a handful of reasons.
    • Prune to eliminate dead or broken branches that encourage insects and disease manifestation
    • Thinning of an overabundance of inner sprouts which soak the nutrients from the outer crown
    • It will help to avoid structures, wires or other trees
    • Provides better and desired views
      Proper Crown reduction can provide stability and longevity for years.
    • It reduces the risk of failure due to breakage from wind, snow, heavy rain or poor limb structure.

    Your trees will need to be trimmed every 3-5 years. However, special occasions will also demand they get trimmed.


    Whether they are in your area make the best shade and/or even increase the appeal of your appeal we will use the best techniques to keep them looking beautiful. Trees play a major role in the overall image of your property. Therefore, you must choose the right company to maintain and trim them. Our years of experience in tree trimming make us confident in getting the job done as well as doing it right!

    Our Certified Arborist has the ability to deliver the highest level of experience. Make us the top choice of your property’s tree trimming throughout the bluegrass. Our members maintain their ISA certification and membership. Additionally, their experience means they can determine the appropriate steps to assure the long-term health, beauty, and safety of your trees and bushes.


    During the winter days, the trees go into a dormant stage that halts their growth. The dropping temperatures and this inactivity can create an ideal setting for pruning. If the trees are pruned after new growth has started, it will limit the bloom potential of the plant for the year.

    The hard ground in winter gives arborists easy access to the tree. The bare canopy makes it easy to see and handle the branches. In fall and winter, trees are in a dormant stage and the dropping temperatures make it ideal to prune the trees. If the trees are pruned in cold temperatures, after the start of the new growth then you can limit the bloom potential of the tree for the year.


    Getting the them trimmed in the dormant season helps to promote the current health of the tree and also sustains their future growth. Additionally, dormant trimming saves time and money as it helps with disease management. Like a professional service, we will trim the large branches and cut off the dead and infected parts. We will control roots that are affecting your home’s foundation. We will remove the stubborn tree stumps, and if necessary we will remove them.


    Stump Grinding Service in Fort Myers, FL

    Stump grinding is an easy alternative to stump removal. For stump removal the whole stump needs to be removed from the ground, which leaves behind a hole in the ground that needs to be compacted down. Grinding is simply grinding down the stump with a grinding machine.

    This is quick and easy. In some cases removal is necessary especially for construction purposes, however grinding should be the preferred method of stump removal if you don’t want to deal with the mess. Our experts know how to grind the stump to ground so it doesn’t grow back, or put an obstruction for mowing or walking.

    If you are thinking of getting rid of those annoying tree stumps from your Fort Myers-based residence, hit us up immediately for reliable and safe solutions. No one gets better at removing stumps than us. Besides this, it is easy to clean up the mess afterward as well.


    So, do you own a garden and decide to cut some trees off your property? Well, reasons to cut them can be plenty. You might be wanting to clear out some space or just to make some quick cash from the timber and wood. Whatever the reason may be, the common thing in all of this is that the stump gets left at its place after cutting. It is the bottom portion of the tree that gets left after the tree has been cut. It doesn’t serve any purpose. It gets left there as a waste. Moreover, it acts as a hurdle, because of its short yet stocky and significant presence. It poses a serious issue if you want to flatten the whole property of yours. However, it is not an easy task to cut it. You may ask why? Well, let’s have a look at the reasons it is extremely difficult to remove tree stumps.


    Below are some of the reasons removing tree stumps is a difficult procedure and only professionals can do it:

    The biggest reason people don’t usually cut tree stumps is that they are stocky. They are so hard that it is very unfeasible to cut them off your property completely. The second reason is that they are down to earth, literally. Full-grown trees have their roots reaching deep into the soil. The roots are very deep and thick. After all, this is what makes the tree so strong and keeps it straight. Cutting a tree trunk is easy. However, removing the whole tree stump requires you to detach it from the roots. But roots very strongly grip the tree stumps. That is yet another challenge people face while removing them.


    Removing a tree stump is far different than any activity or business that you will come across involving the property. Many things come into play while determining the value of your property. We all know the factors determining the value of any property- the construction of the house, the size of the property, the location of the property, and so on. But, one of the most important factors is also the soil of the property. If you hire an untrained professional or a newbie of this business for the removal of a tree stump, it can seriously harm your property. It can damage the soil and the patch of the land where the tree stump was once used to be. This will leave a bad reputation on your property and will seriously damage the selling price of the property. You don’t want that. That’s why it is advisable to contact the veterans of tree stump removal. Because this game is not for the inexperienced. Here, experience is considered in high regard.


    The best way to remove a tree stump is to grind it down. Let’s have a thorough look at how it is done without damaging your property. However, there’s a lot of homework involved before going through that procedure. A proper assessment of the property around the tree stump is very much required. It is necessary to assess all the risk factors involved before approaching the main procedure. Professionals carry out a thorough investigation of the potentially damageable things present near the tree stump, like irrigation lines, etc. Another dangerous thing that can be present near the stump can be underground electrical or gas lines, telephone cables, etc. After proper assessment, professionals remove the stump with a stump grinder. Since cut trees are of different sizes, the stumps vary in size too. However, you don’t need to worry. Professionals come with different sizes of grinders to facilitate easy and safe tree stump removal.


    If you reside in the Ft. Myers Florida area, no one beats us when it comes to stump removal. We, at Lopez Tree Service Inc., come with veteran status in tree stump solutions. Not only that, we are the master of techniques that help in non-hazardous tree stump removal without damaging your property. We have a highly trained and professional team of people that know what to do to clear your property with these unwanted hurdles.

    Stump Removal Experts

    An old tree stump will not seem likely to cause any problems at first. However, the longer you ignore and choose to keep it, the bigger nuisance it is going to become. A rooting stump will cause more problems. It is the ideal home for termites or carpenter ants. Therefore, we will remove the stump for you.

    Stump removal is a more intrusive process as it involves heaving up the bulk of the tree. This usually takes a lot of time and powerful tools. Stump removal leaves you with a clean slate for your tree planting ideas. The stump grinding is much more efficient and less intensive, however, it will leave the roots of the tree behind.

    Stumps can be pretty hard to deal with. They tend to be obstructive and unsafe for children. If your kids love running around in the yard, stumps could be a potential injury spot. It is easy to stumble on stumps, especially for kids. They also invite critters to your home. Termites, ants and other insects make their home in stumps and infest your yard. Sometimes people want to use the area for construction, landscape features and in such cases removal of stumps is essential. We have machines that remove stumps as well as grinders that can grind down the stump to dust.

    Do you want to sell your property and move somewhere else? There might be a million reasons to do so. You might be in a dire need of money, or might be thinking of downsizing a bit. However, whatever the case may be, everyone likes and deserves to have the right price of their property. But this becomes difficult if you have some flaws in your piece of land.


    One such flaw that seems to be minor but seriously depreciates the property’s value is the bad surface of the land. It is caused due to unprofessional digging and damage to the soil in that region. There might be several reasons behind this. However, a big reason is the unprofessional removal of a tree stump.

    If you have owned property with few trees on it, chances are that you would have cut them off. But, the bottom portion that remains is hard to chop off, also known as the tree stump. It decreases the appeal of the property and even worse, acts as an unwanted hurdle.

    Calling an unprofessional and untrained stump remover can be your worst nightmare. You might ask why. Well, let’s have a look.


    Talking about the aftermath beforehand can seriously depreciate your property value. It can also cause discomfort and an added financial strain to your pockets. Let’s have a look at what else can go wrong:

    1. The soil will be damaged. Improper removal of a tree stump will badly mess up the ground on which it stands. Moreover, since it is attached to the ground through the roots, removing it unprofessionally can damage the soil to a good depth.

    2. It can potentially damage what’s underground. This is even worse. Not only will it put a solid strain on your pockets, but it can be dangerous for life and property too. Water pipelines, electrical cables, gas lines, are some of the many things that are buried underground. An unprofessional person can easily damage these lines in his quest for removing the stump.


    Tree business is far different than any business you will potentially come across. Not because you seldom come across it, but because it requires deep profound knowledge that you can’t find in any book. No degree or field of study can give you the knowledge required for safely removing tree stumps.

    All you need is good training and loads of practical experience. That’s why always call a tree stump remover that has some serious credentials and many years under its belt. That’s where we come into the picture. With a solid experience of more than 40 years under our belt, Treepro Inc. comes with everything it takes to be a professional stump remover.

    We come with much-needed veteran status in this business of removing stumps. We know what procedure needs to be followed to remove stumps without any repercussions. Our team of trained and professional experience first properly assesses the potential risks of removing stumps in your property.

    At Lopez Tree Service we look out for all the lines and cables underground near the stumps to avoid damage. Based on our assessment and observations, we carry out the perfect tree stump removal procedure. To remove the stumps, we employ the use of variable sizes of stump grinders. So, you don’t need to worry about the size of the tree stump.

    So, if you live in the Lexington area, what are you waiting for? If you have such tree stumps that you wish to get rid of, call us immediately. We guarantee to provide the best solutions for your tree stump problem. Not to mention, we provide other services in this business too that others might only think of.


    We can also transfer full-grown trees from one location to another location. Now, that requires reliability and trustworthiness. Well, our experience and happy customers speak volumes in favor of it. So, if you need any assistance in terms of your trees or tree stumps, just hit us up for assistance.


    Storm Damage Cleanup in Fort Myers

    We provide emergency tree services for the people of Fort Myers and surrounding areas. Emergencies can come at any time. You may have a tree damaged during a storm, a dead tree in your property that could fall down at any time, a fallen tree that is blocking your driveway, or one that has fallen on roof, fence, or electric wires. Our 24/7 team is always ready to assist when you need them. Just give us a call when you have a tree emergency and we will reach you in time. We answer emergency calls within seconds and our 24/7 365 team will reach you within half an hour. We will bring in all the necessary equipment to help you in whatever you need.

    Did your tree fall on your house, garage, or fence from a storm?  We can help and will be right over to assess your loss and give you a free estimate for any emergency tree service in Ft. Myers.  In addition, for emergencies we adjust our schedule to do your work right away.


    How will you know that you need emergency tree service? We, here at Lopez Tree Service Inc., will tell you all the signs that you need to look out for which will tell you that it is time for Emergency Tree Service.


    If the tree has any type of a new lean, especially over a pathway or a structure, it is time to call an arborist. A good rule of thumb is that if a tree leans about 15% or more from the vertical it requires emergency services.


    A root decay or damage also calls for the attention of an arborist. The root system gives structural support to the tree so if there is damage, a strong wind can easily cause the tree to topple off.


    If there are mushrooms growing at the base of the tree, 9 out of 20 times, it can be a sign of root disease and internal rot.

    Get an expert arborist to evaluate this as the roots need to be healthy for the tree to stand tall and steady.


    When it comes to dead branches, there are two things you need to consider:
    Large dead branches should be removed quickly. A strong wind might cause them to crash over people or property.

    If all the dead branches are on one side of the tree, it indicates a major structural problem. The balance is compromised, making it very dangerous.


    The outside of a tree lives longer than the inside. A tree can still survive even if parts of the trunk has been hollowed out. However, a good rule of thumb is that if one-third of the mass of the trunk is hollow, it should be monitored closely or better yet, removed.


    If a trunk happens to have cracks or cavities or large missing pieces of bark then it is an indicator that the tree is no longer structurally sound. An expert arborist can determine if these pose serious threats to the tree and whether or not these have to be removed.


    It is smart to remove broken branches and trees that have been felled as quickly as possible. Wood can start to rot very quickly. Rotting wood attracts mites, insects or fungus, creating a potential source of diseases. It is certainly not good for the surroundings. If anything, it becomes toxic over time. Therefore, you need to call on the expertise of emergency services to remove wood debris or a downed branch. The experts here at our company will remove the downed branch or branches and clean the spaces to make sure there is no type of bug or fungus infestation.


    Storm damage is the most common cause of tree emergencies. The trees on your property need to be assessed after a storm.

    There may be some weak or damaged branches, hanging by a thread. They pose tremendous hazards and can lead to accidents upon a sudden breakage. Call our emergency service to inspect and remove such branches. Have our expert arborist assess the damage before any work starts.


    EXPERIENCE – The most important part about choosing an emergency service is finding the one with significant experience. You need an arborist that knows all the aspects of tree care. For example, an incorrect prune can negatively affect the tree’s growth for a lifetime.

    Our skilled arborists are approved by the USDA. They can assess a tree or branch and decide whether it can be saved or has to be removed. Our experienced arborists know how to cut around the damaged portion without inflicting much damage to the rest of the tree.

    We are an accredited company with significant experience, so trust us for to expert advice and ready service.

    Professional Equipment – Our experienced arborists use specialized equipment to remove the downed trees or broken branches. It is quite challenging to reach the height and angle when removing a broken branch. Additionally, it must be done without damaging the client’s property and the rest of the tree.

    Lopez Tree Service Inc. and the experts here will do all of this with a crane. A crane allows our experts to access any part of the tree without needing to climb it.

    Cabling – To have the best chance of saving a tree or branch that you don’t want to lose, choose our competent service at Lopez Tree Service. We are experienced in cabling.

    Cabling is a really effective way to prevent branches or trees from falling as they heal from the damage. If our expert arborist is not sure as to whether a given branch will fall or not, they will cable that branch. Cabling a branch keeps it from falling altogether. It also makes sure that even if it falls, it does so in a safe direction.




    We are one of the best known tree care companies in Fort Myers. We are highly skilled and knowledgeable in what we do. No job big or small, we do it all!
    Our team is always on time. You wouldn’t have to wait to reschedule because the tree care didn’t come on time. You can rely on us for timely services.
    We have 30 years of tree removal and tree trimming experience that comes in handy for difficult projects.
    We have modern equipment for tree services and adhere to safety regulation by providing proper safety gear to all our employees.
    We are a licensed and insured company working with certified professionals. Contact us for more information.


    Great guys. Showed up on time and ready to go. They took down a large oak tree that was growing over my house. Ground the stump, like the tree was never there! Stuck to the original bid, I would hire them again.

    ​– Derrick Wyle

    Lopez Tree Service Inc. did a fantastic job with a HUGE oak tree in a small place in my back yard. The Owner Rosanio Vasquez Lopez and the whole crew did a great job, trimming, as well as the cleanup, all at a reasonable price.

    – Dennis Glosson

    They were very thorough and did an excellent job clearing dead palm brush and trimming all our trees in the backyard. They were priced well and the owner made sure to communicate with me. I would definitely use them again!

    – Cristen Phillips


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