It’s pretty natural to think that the scorching heat during the summer season will make trees wither if you don’t water them properly. But do you know that excessive watering is also not ideal for trees? It leads to pest infestation and the root of the tree may rot over time. If you are not sure about how to water your trees during summer, this guide can help. Follow the instructions below to ensure that your trees receive the right amount of water and nutrients from the soil:

1. Tree watering tips

Never forget to check the moisture of the soil before watering your trees. It is better to water the soil only when the moisture reaches a critical level. If you don’t have any instruments to measure the soil’s moisture, you need to monitor the soil’s surface from time to time. Here are some of the tree watering tips that you can keep in mind:

Leaves curl when they don’t get enough water. That should be a tell-tale sign that it’s time to water the tree. Keep a soaker hose handy to water the trees properly. Sprinklers are good for small plants but not for big trees. Try avoiding them.
Spread organic mulch around the trees and water them. They are able to absorb and retain water.
Do not water the base of the tree excessively. This would prevent the feeder tree roots from growing. Moreover, excessive watering will lead to pest infestation around the trees.

When to water the trees during summer?

Just because the sun is beating down on your trees doesn’t mean you will water them any time you want. Here’s when you should water your trees in the summer:

Either water the trees at night or in the evening. This will allow the trees to retain moisture the next day.
Watering the trees at night leads to less evaporation, thus the tree can use the water efficiently.
Trees require more water during the daytime. If you water them in the morning or in the afternoon, they will dry up by night.

How much water to use?

You may think that a big tree would need a lot of water. Honestly, it depends on the structure and texture of the soil, precipitation amount, and temperature. Keep the following things in mind to decide the amount of water that you should give to the trees:

Trees that grow in pots, containers, slopes, or thin soils require more water.
Trees that have heavier soils underneath will have a greater water-retaining capacity. Therefore, don’t want these trees too much. Overwatering would lead to the withering of the trees, pest infestation, and root diseases.
It is better to water the trees once or maybe twice during their growing season. This works for the summer season also. It allows the roots to grow and have a better grip on the soil.
Light watering enables the soil to retain moisture and supply the necessary water to the trees.

If you are going away on a summer vacation and won’t have anyone to water the trees, set up a drip irrigation system to keep the trees hydrated.

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