There is a range of tree care tools that you will see in the market, but which one should you choose? Which one will be most suitable for your garden? You need to first know about the different types of tree care equipment that arborists usually use. Arborists go through training and get proper certification before they qualify for pruning and trimming jobs. They are experts at cutting limbs of trees, dead branches, and ensuring that there are no dead stumps in the garden. They mainly use four types of tree care equipment:

1. Rigging equipment

You will need rigging equipment to climb large trees, transport power tools to the top of the tree, and bring down heavy branches. Some of the most common types of rigging equipment used by arborists are as follows:

● Cable hoists
● Ring slings
● Friction brakes
● Blocks and pulleys
● Lots of rope
● Rigging thimbles
● Swivels
● Carabiners
● Rigging plates
● Light and heavy-duty slings
● Power pullers
● Winches

2. Cutting equipment

Cutting equipment is essential if you want to take good care of your trees. From cutting down dead branches to shaping the leaves of the trees so that they get enough sunlight, you will need various tools for these tasks. Cutting or pruning is not bad for the tree. In fact, it keeps the tree healthy as it is able to draw high amounts of nutrients from the ground. Consider it as a method to prevent the tree from pest attacks and dying. Here are the tools that you will need:

● Polesaws
● Hatchets
● Chainsaw
● Hand saw
● Hedge trimmers
● Variety of axes and wedges
● Wood chippers
● Tree loppers
● Hand pruners
● Pruners

3. Trimming equipment

Trimming involves reducing the height of the tree crown. Arborists use this method when they don’t want to cut down a significant portion of the tree. Reducing the size of the tree is essential because sometimes, the tree crown becomes so big that it prevents the lower branches and leaves from getting the sunlight. Moreover, trimming the trees from time to time also makes them look tidy. Some of the tools that you can use for tree trimming are as follows:

● Pole saws
● Hydraulic tools
● Hatchets
● Various axes and wedges
● Tree loopers
● Wood chippers
● Chainsaws
● Pruners
● Landscaping tools
● Saw scabbards

4. Climbing equipment

The chainsaws and axes may make you feel that tree care tools are quite dangerous; in reality, it’s climbing up on the tree that’s far more dangerous and risky. You may come across news that talks about how people fall off the trees while cutting the branches. Maybe it was the inexperience of the individual or because of faulty rigging. You need to make sure that you don’t become a part of such an accident. That is why you should pick climbing equipment carefully. Following are some of the tools that you can use:

● Straps
● Protective clothing
● Work gloves
● Protective goggles
● Saddles
● Helmets or hard hats
● Pulleys, carabiners, and rope
● First-aid kit
● Tails
● Eye slings
● Ascenders and descenders
● Radios for communication
● Spurs

You may not need all the tools mentioned above. Talk to an arborist first before shortlisting the tools that you should buy to take care of your trees.

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