Trees look great, add value to the property and also improve air quality. However, nobody wants a dead tree on their property. Dead trees not only attract press but also are also a danger as a branch can fall at any time. Removing that tree is relatively easy as you can just call in a tree removal service. However, these companies don’t deal with the tree stump unless you ask them. You might think that a tree stump is harmless and may remain there but there are several reasons you should get that tree stump removed permanently.

It’s an Eyesore

Having a tree stump just oozing out of the ground in the middle of a beautiful yard is an eyesore. You need to do something about it. There are several upscaling projects that can turn that stump into something more. Just don’t leave it there as it has the potential to bring down the value of your property.

Potential Liability

Not many people think of a tree stump in their yard as a potential liability issue but it’s completely true. If you like to invite other kids into your home to play with your children and one of them gets seriously injured due to the tree stump, there is a potential lawsuit there. Guests in your home may accidentally trip over the roots that grow out of the stump.

Also, tree stumps are not really visible in dark and someone might trip. There is also the probability of soil around the stump settling down which will leave an undulated surface and may result in injuries. You don’t want your guests to suffer injuries because of that stump and that is why you should get rid of it permanently, as quickly as possible.

Pest Infestation

The tree stump, even if it is completely dead, makes a great home for harmful pests and vermin. If termites get in the stump, eventually they will reach your home. Stumps are especially susceptible to diseases and infestations that may spread to trees around it.

Potential Damage to Property

If a tree stump is there, the whole root system is also there. These roots can keep growing and may rupture underground pipes. If the roots are allowed to grow, they may also cause foundation damage.

New Growth

A tree stump will keep sprouting which has the potential to ruin your efforts at landscaping. If you give enough time for this new growth to spread its roots, it is going to be extremely expensive for you to get rid of the tree stump and associated roots.

Ways to Remove Tree Stump

There are several options for removing the stump permanently. You may want to dig it out. Start digging the soil around and keep digging until the root system is completely exposed. Start chopping down the roots into manageable pieces and pull the roots out of the ground. Once the root system has been completely removed, it will be easier for you to move the stump easily.

You may also use a chemical stump removal but it will take several weeks. You have also the option of engaging the services of a professional to grind the tree stump and remove it.

Final Thoughts

Overall, you should never leave a tree stump standing in your yard. It creates potential liability issues but it can also quickly become a festering ground for harmful pests and vermin. It may also bring down the value of your property. Removing a tree stump doesn’t take much effort and there are several alternatives. Carefully consider the pros and cons of various tree stump removal techniques and choose one that works best for you to get rid of the stump.

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