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At Lopez Tree Service, we have been serving Fort Myers and its surroundings for quite a long time now. We are devoted to meeting your needs and expectations with honesty and sincerity.


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    Our Objective

    Our objective is to provide our clients with outstanding service at the best possible cost, and an overall beneficial experience. We pride ourselves on maintaining the most original and state-of-the-art equipment available. Our employees are some of the most skilled arborists and have the best customer service unit.

    What We Do

    Trees are one of the most vital organs of the environment, and we at Lopez Tree Services, devote ourselves to bring balance between nature and its inhabitants.

    Lopez Tree Services presents before you various services to make sure you are completely satisfied with our work. Starting from boosting tree health, tree trimming and removal of all sizes to post-removal maintenance, we provide a comprehensive tree service company catering to both residential and commercial clients.


    Security – Tree services can be an arduous job, but luckily, there are tree specialists who specialize in the profession. With proper protective equipment and training, our experts will make sure you and your property is safe while we work on your trees.

    Sincerity – We are devoted to meeting the requirements of our clients by providing you with proper tree service and care. Our arborists are specialists with uprightness towards their job and customers.

    Proficiency – Whether it is tree trimming, maintenance, or removal service, you will find no one better than us in the Fort Myers area!

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