The beauty of Fort Myers comes in the form of the community feel it has to offer. There is always something or another going on in the area and that is what brings people together.

If you are thinking about going with an annual event that is going to bring a smile to your face then it’s best to look at the list that is provided here.

These are some of the annual events that are famous in Fort Myers.

Fort Myers Film Festival

The Fort Myers Film Festival is a classic when it comes to enjoying good content. Some movies are played in the region that allowing people to come together and enjoy some of the latest visual content available right now.

It is a mesmerizing experience and also helps local artists establish themselves with their movies.

Music Walk

The River District lights up when it’s time for the Music Walk in Fort Myers. This happens in downtown Fort Myers and occurs in the evening. It tends to take place on the third Friday of each month and is quite fun for those who love to enjoy the auditory beauty of music at its finest.

Local and regional talent tends to show up to participate in the Music Walk across a long list of venues.

Art Walk

Whether it is exhibitions, performances, or galleries, there is always something happening when it’s time for the Art Walk in Fort Myers.

This is free to the public and tends to happen throughout the day in the River District. It is held on the first Friday of the month and is quite the experience for those who want to soak up everything the local artists have to offer.


This occurs in February and is an experience unlike anything else in Fort Myers. The ArtFest is known for welcoming local and regional talent to showcase their art to the masses. It is an exciting place to be and it tends to feature over 200 artists.

Edison Festival Of Light

This is noted as being one of the finest and biggest night parades in the region. It is held in February and it includes floats, marching bands, and the course of a two-hour festival. The area is lit up due to everyone that is walking around the area and it is quite the experience to take in.

Final Thoughts

Fort Myers is one of the more riveting parts of the state and continues to draw people in from all walks of life. It has a community essence that is hard to ignore and it is going to make you want to attend these events too.

Whether it is the Edison Festival of Light or the Art Walk, there is always something to do in the region. This is what makes Fort Myers special for those who are in the area.

Take the time to put one or more of these annual events on your calendar and enjoy what Fort Myers has to offer.

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