Florida is known as the ‘Sunshine State’ for a very good reason. It is blessed with weather that attracts tourists from all over the United States, especially those who are looking to escape the bitingly cold winter weather that can make the coldest season of the year so challenging for the residents of many Northern regions of the country. However, even in a State that boasts such magnificent weather, along with wonderful beaches and other attractions, there are areas that stand out – and one of these is Fort Myers, Florida.

Fort Myers can be found between Miami and Tampa on the Gulf Coast. Also known as the ‘City of Plams’ it has incredible waterways, fabulous beaches, restaurants offering incredible cuisine, and intriguing wildlife. It also offers world-class fishing in both fresh and saltwater, some magnificent golf courses, and great cultural attractions.

Once regarded as a town that was focused on retirees Ft Myers has grown – and with that growth has come an incredible diversification of tourist-orientated diversions. If you are ever in this part of Florida here are some unmissable Ft Myers attractions.

Both Thomas Edison and Henry Ford used to spend their winters in Ft Myers. Today their lives and many inventions are celebrated at the Edison & Ford Winter Estates on the banks of the Caloosahatchee River. Here visitors can enjoy some magnificent botanical gardens, a laboratory (where alternatives to rubber were researched by the two men) and the museum itself. Visitors can also tour the homes of these great innovators.

For those who enjoy the wonders of nature, Lover’s Key State Park is an attraction that should not be missed. The four barrier islands that make up the Park boast pristine mangrove forests and sparkling white sand beaches. Visitors may encounter manatees and pods of dolphins. It has wonderfully scenic hiking (and biking) trails, as well as ample opportunities for kayaking or canoeing (rentals are available) on the inland waterways. The campsites make the perfect setting for enjoying spectacular sunsets.

For those who want a chance to encounter Florida’s famous Manateees a day at the Lee County Manatee Park is unmissable.

Another great outdoor destination is Captiva Island which is perfect for snorkeling and SCUBA diving. Captiva Island is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful islands in Florida – and while you are there take the opportunity to dine at the Bubble Room with its strings of lights festooning the trees on the property and its quirky decor.

For those who want to recharge after that long day on the sand a trip to Times Square on Estero Island is a must. On the pier, one can enjoy street performers, some excellent shopping opportunities, and fabulous dining destinations. Check out the West Coast Surf Shop or enjoy the art at Local Color. Or just settle back at the Pierside Grill during happy hour. For lovers of the freshest seafood, Pete’s Time Out is the place to be (and they also do a mean Mojito).

The above does not even scratch the surface of the wonders that are available at fort Myers. It is truly one of the most unmissable destinations in Florida. Take some time out and visit, it is a decision you will not regret.

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