When it comes to a tree care industry inspection, the guidelines need to be followed. There are strict standards for what’s permitted and what’s not. This includes what a professional has to look for during the process.

With this in mind, it’s important to understand what the guidelines are for this type of inspection.

Electrical Safety

One of the most important elements that have been analyzed by OSHA would be electrical safety. There are layers associated with removing a tree or handling tree-related issues. When cables are running along the ground and/or other circuits attached to the nearby properties, it’s important to have a good understanding of what is going around the tree.

A professional has to inspect for this when it comes to working on a tree.

Machine Guarding

When a machine is being set up on-site, this does not mean it can be left around. It has to be protected and kept in a safe spot to make sure no one gets hurt.

This includes having it turned off when it is unmanned.

There are factors associated with this type of process and it’s important to make sure the machine is fully protected.

During the inspection, this is going to include assessing the machine and making sure it is in good working condition too.

On-Site Safety

When it is time to work through an inspection, it is essential to think about on-site safety. This includes where the machine is being set up, how a professional is completing the process, and what tools are being used.

Each step will matter and this is going to play a role in how legally compliant the process is.

Professionals are expected to maintain strict on-site safety protocols to ensure things are done professionally. This is a must and it is a big part of what OSHA requires from its members.

On-site safety cannot be compromised and it plays a big role in how successful things turn out as time goes on.

Protective Equipment

A professional that is going to be working on inspecting a tree and then working on it will have to put on the right equipment.

Protective equipment is a must and it is legally required for work to be done. It is also listed to ensure a person is safe when they are working on a tree whether it is to repair or remove it.

This type of equipment is essential and it has to be fully tested before being put to the test. This includes before, during, and after the inspection is done. OSHA is strict when it comes to the type of equipment that is used by its professionals too.

Final Thoughts

Getting an inspection requires understanding the written guidelines in the region. There are strict requirements for what a professional has to analyze and it’s best to have this information in hand during the process.

It is going to include understanding what to look for, what to avoid, and how to make sure things are done the right way.

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