When it comes to removing a tree, it’s important to have a plan in mind. You are not going to want to rush the process and it’s important to consider all of your options based on the layout in front of you.

Each situation is going to differ and that is why planning is a part of the process to get things right.

Here is a breakdown of what you are going to have to do in a process such as this one.

1. Clear The Area

The first thing you are going to do is clear the area. The goal is to make sure wherever the tree falls, it is just going to land on the ground.

It should not land on plants, property, or anything else that is in the area.

This is key with larger trees and that is one of the main issues people deal with on their land.

2. Inspect The Falling Direction

Have you taken the time to figure out how the tree is going to fall as soon as you cut into it? Think about this in a residential area because a falling tree can do a lot of damage.

You should always clear the area around the tree, but also think about where you are going to begin cutting and how the tree will fall.

It should fall in an open spot that is controllable and is not going to damage anything on the ground.

3. Use A Saw

You are going to need the right tools and that is where a saw comes into the equation. For smaller trees, you can use a hand saw. For anything bigger, you are going to need a powered solution that will dig into the tree to cut it in half.

4. Cut In Sections

You don’t want to cut the tree straight from the base unless it’s a small one. If it is a larger tree, you are going to have to work on it in sections.

In residential areas, it’s not possible to remove a tree in one shot unless you want to damage something in the yard. This is dangerous and that is why you work in smaller sections.

Work from the top and then begin cutting the rest of the tree. The bigger a tree, the more sections you are going to have to work in. You should only be working in sections of 6-8 feet.

Final Thoughts

These tips are going to make your life easier when it comes time to remove a tree. This is not an easy process to manage and you are going to have a long list of questions during the process. This is why it’s best to consider all of your steps and plan properly.

Whether this includes assessing the tree, where it’s located, and what you are going to use during the removal process, it’s best to think about everything beforehand. You should not be surprised when it comes time to remove the tree.

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