What Is Tree Stump Grinding?

Removing the stump of a tree from your yard or lawn is not a very easy decision. There are a few benefits and setbacks to tree stump grinding, but many experts agree that if you have chosen the route of removal, it’s best to understand what is involved with these processes.

Did you recently have a damaged or dead tree removed from your yard and now you would like the remaining roots removed? Is there an unsightly stump taking up space and detracting from your landscape? Your best option would be to have the stump removed.

Below is more information on what is involved in tree stump grinding, and the types of grinders used to remove tree stumps.

– What Is Tree Stump Grinding?

Tree stump grinding is one of the stump removal options that does not remove all the roots of the tree. This causes a lot less disruption to your surrounding landscape but will ensure that the roots are killed. This is one of the reasons why some homeowners find this option more manageable.

Stump grinding involves grinding a stump into smaller trunks until it is completely gone. This procedure involves a power tool and is also inexpensive when compared to the other options.

– How Does Stump Grinding Work?

A “stump cutter” is also used in the process of stump grinding. This tool features rotating blades that chip the stump away as they rotate. The teeth of the blade break the stump into more manageable and smaller pieces that are often used as a mulch to fill up the hole left behind.

The operator of the power tool guides the blade across the stump, making sure it is reduced to below ground level. Once ground out completely, many tree experts recommend using soil or mulch to compact and fill the hole.

– Stump Grinder Types

There are different tree stump grinders that are used in these processes. Professional tree stump grinding services involve choosing the right type of grinder according to the location and the size of the job. The most common options include:

– Hand-Guided Grinders

These tools are portable and look similar to a lawnmower.

– Riding Grinders

These grinders are compact tractors that professional removalists operate from a seated position. This is an efficient choice for small projects.

– Skid Stump Grinders

This is a grinder that lifts large surface areas if the ground below is soft. This often includes soil and turf. The skid stump grinder is also driven by operators behind or on top to initiate continual tracks, similar to a tank. This allows the grinder to maintain its ground even over difficult terrain.

– Rear-Hitch Wheeled Stump Grinders

These grinders can be attached or “hitched” to either a truck or a trailer. Once close to the tree stump, the operator will detach the grinder before steering it into the correct place. These grinders are mainly used when more than one stump needs grinding out, or when traveling across different areas is a requirement.

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